Five for Friday Linky Party, June 3, 2016

Five for Friday Linky Party

With Doodle Bugs Teaching

June 3, 2016

Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!
Have you had a hard time this year with your pencil sharpener? 
I had about 2 big pencil sharpeners that cost me $50.00 each. Then I got two of the smaller new ones found at Target or various supply stores. They were around $20.00 each. So I'm now up to 4-5 electric pencil sharpeners, but still left with a HUGE problem! The students make too much noise when they sharpen, the pencils do not sharpen in a timely manner, and when they finally get to the point where the pencil is sharpened, it breaks! My cousin is also a teacher and I saw on her Facebook post that she was so excited that she got a new pencil sharpener. I was intrigued so I looked up the company name and did some research. The name of the company is called, 
Classroom Friendly Supplies
You can locate their website: http://www.classroomfriendlysupplies.com
I read through their website and realized that I could possibly get one for FREE to review; therefore, I did and I was approved! Here is a video that shows you some more! 
I chose the Precious Pink Sharpener to review. 

My sharpener came very quickly and I started using it right away in the classroom. 
To my shock, this thing is the real deal. It sharpened really fast and it was extremely quiet. I had an entire class set of pencils sharpened in less than 10 min. Then I wanted to see if my first graders could work this sharpener all on their own. Here are some pictures of them and some of the finished products. 

This is what the mounting looks like. It is very easy to do and does not need tools or messes up the furniture.



Look at that point!

This is Taryn's true reaction to her sharpened pencil! She was so excited that it worked the first time and with so much ease. I was also very happy too! 

These sharpeners are not that expensive but they have done the best job of sharpening a pencil that I have ever seen. I will be getting another one myself. I just need to figure out which color to choose next! 

Mentor Text Lesson Plans
If you are looking for a great way to use literacy in your classroom, check these packets out. Each packet includes 5 days of lesson plans to teach reading, writing, grammar, and more! I will be making more this summer to for the beginning of the school year. 
If you are still in school, check this one out that focuses on Fathers which is perfect for Father's Day coming soon.

Father's Day Card

1/2 off for the next 48 hours!

End of the Year Celebrations!

This is what I gave my students for their end of year present. If you are interested or need a new idea, check this out! Get it Here!

Your Thinking About Next Year, Already?
Yes, Planning is important so I updated my calendar so it's ready for next year already. 

It's only $2.00 in my store.

Schools Out for Summer!!!
Wow, I cannot believe it is finally here. 
I moved my classroom to my garage and I will start creating my new classroom on Monday. 
I went shopping yesterday and this is what I found. Do you like?

Now, I am going to go get ready for the pool! 
See you all next Friday.


ithappenedin3rd said...

I love my Classroom Friendly sharpeners, and the kids do as well!

Caitlin Corrigan said...

I love what you put in the gift basket! I'll be back to check out your new classroom set up.

Rachel P. said...

A quiet pencil sharpener.. I'll be looking into that asap! ;)
Also, love your photo booth idea for the end of the year. I always take pics with my camera on the week before, but how fun would a photo booth be!

Poet Prints

Paula Hamand said...

Yes, I like your new classroom purchases! I am organizing and labeling my class library here at home and hitting the thrift stores for purple and teal things that might work in a classroom. Of course we will be fishing and camping in between! Have a great summer, Paula


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