Great Educational Apps to Use on an iPad in the Classroom!

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iPad Lessons! 
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iPad Lesson from Creatively Crazy in First Grade
{Common Core Math, shapes, fractions, and graphing)
This lesson goes along with the free app called Pattern Shapes.
Samples are included, detailed directions for teacher and students.

This is a fun and engaging way to integrate technology in the classroom. I designed this lesson and implemented it myself in the classroom. In my last observation, I scored the highest points possible for collaboration, technology integration, and curriculum planning on the Teacher Keys Assessment. 
-Free App for iPads
-Student Engagement
-Technology Integration
-Step-by-step instructions/lessons
-Center pages for students
-Examples of completed products
-Extension activities included

This lesson was written for 1st grade Common Core math standards, but can easily be geared towards your own standards once you see how I used this app to teach shapes, fractions, and graphing

Great Educational Apps to Use on an iPad in the Classroom!

Check this out! TPT

This is a resource I created that is aligned to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy!
For more details and names of apps I have successfully used in the classroom, please purchase this packet from my TPT store.
I have added a detailed description to each level and I have aligned apps and an Apptivity to use on iDevices in the classroom.

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