Teaching Fractions With Bunny-Shaped Marshmallows

Teaching Fractions with Bunny-Shaped Marshmallows! 
You can purchase this activity on my TPT website. 
Here is the link! 

You can use these to cut, color, and then students can compare numbers with each other.
This is the documentation sheet I created to go along with the fraction task.
The focus is on 1/8's.

Easter Items to Teach Common Core!!!!

Sequencing With the Old Lady & A Chicken Life Cycle Craftivity!!!
This is a cute book to use during Easter or springtime.  You can check out this product at my TPT store, please click on the link below.

Chicken Life Cycle Craftivity Included! 


Easter or Spring Themed Homework & Assessment Packet; Common Core Aligned

Check out my new Easter or Spring Themed Homework or Assessment Packet! 
You can purchase this packet on my Teacher's Pay Teacher website.

Easter and Spring Common Core Aligned ELA and Math Homework Packet

This homework packet included the following ELA and Math aligned skills:

Page 1: Title Page

Page 2: Spring Math Homework Page
1 addition problem within 10 on ten frame (egg clipart)
1 subtraction problem within 10 on ten frame (egg clipart)
1 Bunny Racing word problem (sum= 22)
3 True or False equations
1 skip counting practice by 3's (number line with eggs)

Page 3: Spring ELA Homework Page 1
Three flower pots with flowers (students write synonyms for the following words: happy, short, tired)
Decorate 3 birds and then describe them using adjectives. Handwriting paper included at the bottom of the page.

Page 4: Spring ELA Homework Page 2
ABC order practice with the following words: rabbit, pail, ladybug, eggs, and bird (handwriting lines provided)

Singular and Plural noun sort on T- Chart
Ending punctuation practice with three types of punctuation (.,?,!)
Ending punctuation provided on eggs. Handwriting paper included as well.

Page 5: If I had the Easter Bunny's Job I would....
Written response with cute clipart of bunny and Easter basket.
Handwriting paper also included.


Easter Express Parts of Speech Pick-Up Game

Great Easter or Spring Game to play in the classroom!
This center/activity can help students identify parts of speech. I have included nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and conjunctions.

Please visit my Teacher's Pay Teachers Store to purchase this item.


Comparing Numbers, iPad, and Kidblog!

We are learning about new strategies to help us know how to add and subtract larger numbers. We have learned how to take ones and bundle them to make tens. It is easier to count by tens than ones. We have used several charts to help us learn. We are using a number line, hundreds chart, and a comparison chart to help us identify the larger or smaller number.
Did you know there are symbols you can use to compare numbers?
> greater than
< less than
= equal to
We are glad you are reading our class blog. Please check back for more updates of our class’ learning adventures. 
This was posted to my Kidblog by my first grade students. I have students creating examples in the classroom to show their understanding of Common Core standards. We used my iPad to take the picture and then an app called Kidblog to write. I was the recorder but the students came up with all the ideas during writing time to discuss their knowledge.

Check out my class Kidblog!

I am excited to have my students blogging right from my iPad this school year.
I have made this apart of my writing instruction and the kids just love it.
Please click on the link at the bottom and check out all the things my students are learning about this school year. Please post back if you have any issues accessing the website.
Julie DeFelice


Teacher of the Year! 2012-2013

This is me and my family! 
I was named Teacher of the Year for my school this year (2012-2013)! 
I also want to thank all my lovely students who have encouraged me to become the teacher that I am today.

Please check out many of my creative works at Teachers Pay Teachers.



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