Easter or Spring Themed Homework & Assessment Packet; Common Core Aligned

Check out my new Easter or Spring Themed Homework or Assessment Packet! 
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Easter and Spring Common Core Aligned ELA and Math Homework Packet

This homework packet included the following ELA and Math aligned skills:

Page 1: Title Page

Page 2: Spring Math Homework Page
1 addition problem within 10 on ten frame (egg clipart)
1 subtraction problem within 10 on ten frame (egg clipart)
1 Bunny Racing word problem (sum= 22)
3 True or False equations
1 skip counting practice by 3's (number line with eggs)

Page 3: Spring ELA Homework Page 1
Three flower pots with flowers (students write synonyms for the following words: happy, short, tired)
Decorate 3 birds and then describe them using adjectives. Handwriting paper included at the bottom of the page.

Page 4: Spring ELA Homework Page 2
ABC order practice with the following words: rabbit, pail, ladybug, eggs, and bird (handwriting lines provided)

Singular and Plural noun sort on T- Chart
Ending punctuation practice with three types of punctuation (.,?,!)
Ending punctuation provided on eggs. Handwriting paper included as well.

Page 5: If I had the Easter Bunny's Job I would....
Written response with cute clipart of bunny and Easter basket.
Handwriting paper also included.

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