Comparing Numbers, iPad, and Kidblog!

We are learning about new strategies to help us know how to add and subtract larger numbers. We have learned how to take ones and bundle them to make tens. It is easier to count by tens than ones. We have used several charts to help us learn. We are using a number line, hundreds chart, and a comparison chart to help us identify the larger or smaller number.
Did you know there are symbols you can use to compare numbers?
> greater than
< less than
= equal to
We are glad you are reading our class blog. Please check back for more updates of our class’ learning adventures. 
This was posted to my Kidblog by my first grade students. I have students creating examples in the classroom to show their understanding of Common Core standards. We used my iPad to take the picture and then an app called Kidblog to write. I was the recorder but the students came up with all the ideas during writing time to discuss their knowledge.

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