Welcome to Fall!

Welcome to Fall!

Check out some of my new fall products!

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Shape Bat Craftivity!




I Can Statements and Standards Posters

I Can Statements and Standards Posters

I have finished making the I Can Statements and Standards to post for First Grade! 
You can purchase all 24 math standards at 

then I also have this awesome 80 standard pack for ELA! 
Click on the link below to read more about this product.



Classroom Incentives

you can purchase this version at my TPT store.


Back to School!

Back to School Resources!

These are some cute welcome back goody bag tags I created for my class. If you would like to purchase these, click the link below. You will get 5 per page.
I can also make you your certain grade level if you like, just send me an e-mail request.

I have created the first month of Common Core aligned review skills in a packet you can use for morning work, homework, or even for small groups. Check out this awesome product! 
You will get 30 days of review within this first packet; there will be more to come.
Skills within this review include ELA and Math:

Review Skills Include:
Representing Numbers in a variety of ways
Skip counting
Number line practice
Graphing & Data
Ten frames
Even or Odd
Number words

Rhyming words
Writing numbers in word form
Reading sight words (5 words daily from Fry List)
Word Family House
Time to Read! Read 3 sentences using sight words
Name and Date writing practice

Download a FREE Sample today! 
The first page is totally Free!


Teacher Toolbox!

I have finally made myself a teacher toolbox! Check it out. I can't wait to put this in my classroom.


Common Core Math Journals

Common Core Math Journals


Fraction Pizzas!

Fraction Pizzas!

This past school year my class had fun with this hands-on project. I used cheap paper plates and had students each create their favorite pizza to represent the whole. Then I paired up two students together and they had to share the pizza (new plate) and half should represent student 1 and the other half should represent student 2. After that, I regrouped the class into three partners to show 1/3's and lastly, I regrouped the class to have 4 students in each group to show quarters/fourths. Not only was this visually important for student to see the shares getting smaller, they could also see the number of students in each group were getting bigger.  Once everyone was completed with their pizzas, I joined the pizzas together to show the progression of the lesson.  (See picture below for more details). To join them together all I did was punch holes with a single hole-puncher and then thread yarn through all the plates. This made an awesome visual. I also kept this up to remind students of the differences between fractions and shares.


4th of July Party Supplies & Writing Resources

4th of July Party Supplies & Writing Resources
Purchase it here! 

Common Core Math Resources

Common Core Math Resources

I have just added this great resource for first grade teachers who teach Common Core State Standards.
This packet includes all 24 math standards. 
I have made I Can Statement Cards for each standard.

On each of these bright and informative cards you will see the standard, I can statement, visuals with colorful clipart, symbols, and related vocabulary. 
This resource would make a great addition to your concept walls, word walls, or it can even be used alongside student work samples. 
Check out this resource today. 
You can purchase it on my TPT website from the link below.


Beach Adventure Journal

Here is a cute beach adventure journal I made! 
Check this out at my TPT store
Summer Journal

Camping Journal

Camping Journal
This is a fun way to have students or even your own children reflect over the fun time they spent camping. 
Check it out here!

Here is the camping journal! 




I have decided to add a link to all my freebies from my TPT account. 
Terms & Conditions
If you download one or more of these freebies, please follow me on my TPT website, and share my link with other teachers.

Read Across America Rhyming Cards Matching Game

End of School Year 


Graduations Awards for Grades Pre-k-5th

Summer Freebie! Bucket and Shovel Themed Word Family Center

Hoppy Easter Common Core Math Practice Mini Unit

Not pictured...

America the Beautiful Poem/Song

Spring and Test Prep Common Core Word Problems

Rhyming Center Game


FREE! 21st Century iPad Apps Pyramid to Use in the Flipped Classroom


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