Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Is In The Air! 

What a great way to ring in the spring season while integrating science, technology, reading, writing, and collaboration. This interactive brochure gives students a fun and interactive way to engage with non-fiction text. You can find this in my TPT store by clicking on this link: 

Do you want to bring some creativity into your classroom?
This is a fun way to do just that. 
Students will learn about the ant life cycle, read non-fiction text, and learn how to use non-fiction text features. This little creativity can be purchased in my TPT store: 

I was asked to contribute to a bundle deal that raises money for Autism Awareness so of course I accepted. If you want to purchase this bundle deal, I have included my Pet Rabbit Interactive Brochure to this cause.
You can donate here: 

Another great way to teach life cycles and non-fiction text features! 
This time it is BEE themed. 

Dollar Deals $1.00

Dollar Deals $1.00


Easter and Spring Crafts

So I am trying to plan some fun activities for Easter and Spring.

I have been collecting milk jugs and toilet paper rolls. 

This is what I have in mind.

Then I am going to let the kids make butterfly wings out of coffee filters and markers.

For the milk jugs, I am trying to make an Easter basket for each of my kiddos. 
It will look something like this...




Who doesn't like FREEBIES? 
I know I love them. 
Here is a list of FREEBIES from my own store! I hope you enjoy them. Please check out my product listings.

Completely Editable so you can change the information to meet your needs.

My Found Freebies! 
Why not have them all in one place? 

Blog Hoppin


My Classroom

My Classroom
Each day my students take a timed math test to test their fact fluency. We are using a free app for iPads called: Timed Test Free.  I use a recording sheet to document scores for the whole class. I also give Skittles for those who increase their scores, or at least maintain their score from the day before.
I have seen a HUGE improvement in their addition fluency skills.


St. Patrick's Day Is Almost Here

Look what I just got in the mail! 
Thank you, First Grade Blue Skies for introducing me to this little guy.
I cannot wait to read this book and have fun with our own little classroom leprechaun.

St. Patrick's Day Is Almost Here

I am working on getting ready to plan for St. Patrick's Day. 
I have been working on some new products. These are great to enrich your first graders or help your second graders learn how to add two digit numbers with regrouping.

Read and Write the Room Cards

St. Patrick's Day Themed Homework

Looking for Leprechauns ELA Unit

Directed Drawing by First Grade Blue Skies! 
Thank you for the FREEBIE! 
The kids enjoyed this so much! I even held a coloring contest and bought the winner a FREE ice-cream at lunch today.

Check out my Read and Write the Room Cards

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