Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party

Five for Friday, March 27, 2015
I am linking up with  Doodble Bugs Teaching and Giving You My Five for Friday! 

1. Technology! 
This week our county sent people into every classroom at our school to observe how technology was being integrated into the curriculum. 
I got wonderful remarks! 
My students were using iPads to create an addition or subtraction problem (MCC.1.OA1-8 Standards). Students used the Number Frames FREE app to create a problem. Then I recorded them using the video option on my iPad explaining their work. What a great time we had learning. 
I will be creating this lesson for you to purchase soon in my TPT store.
Here is one example for you to look at.

2. Splash Math! 

Splash Math is a great app and online tool to use while teaching and assessing Common Core Math Standards. Currently Splash Math is offering FREE access to the full version until May 10th. There is a competition going on across the nation. 
I am proud to state that my Firsties are in 1st Place!!!! 
I am very competitive so I hope we stay in first place.
If you would like to sign up, please use this link.

If you would like to sign up for this FREE product! Please e-mail me at CreativelyCrazyWithLearning@gmail.com and I will send you the link.

3. Fractions Using Bunny Mallows 

I usually find these at Target for .99 cents. I have created a fun fraction activity you can do with these. Then I let students create their own pictograph and write their own questions to go along with their graph.

Here are some student samples! 

4. Pet Rabbit Research Interactive Brochure

We researched pet rabbits using Pebblego.com and then completed this Interactive Brochure that accompany's this lesson. You don't need access to pebblego.com to complete this activity, but if you do, it makes it even better.

5. Spring Read and Write the Room Cards


1. I'm getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!!!
(Available in my TPT store)
I've posted these bad boys all around the classroom today so my students and start searching for them on Monay.  Students can read and write the room. Document words on the printable and then sort the words by singular and plural nouns and/or long and short vowels.

2. We did some cool directed drawings of cute little leprechauns. 
Thank you First Grade Blue Skies for this awesome activity.
I even held a coloring contest and Elizabeth was the winner so I bought her an ice-cream at lunch.

3. Magnets Lapbook 
(You can find this in my store)
We started our magnets lapbook this week and I was even observed by administration while implementing these. I connected prior knowledge learned in Science lab and lots of new vocabulary words. Lastly, I modeled how my iPad cover was magnetic and a paper clip would attract to it.

4. Gold Fish Cracker Graphing! 
What a fun activity to reinforce sorting, graphing, and interpreting data.

5. Technology Friday!!!! 
I love me some technology. 
Today we had a teacher work day/ professional learning day.
Our professional learning was centered around using iPads to created digital story telling.
I worked out creating folder for each student in DropBox so the students can Airdrop their finished products to my iPad and now I have a nice place to store them. I also worked on creating a movie trailer using iMovie. I focused on my tech savvy students. 

Well, that is my 5 random things for the week.
Thank you for reading my post.
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Creatively Crazy With Learning 

Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party

So this is my first attempt to join this Five for Friday Linky Party! 
I like the idea of posting 5 random things from the week here. This is a good way to reflect back over the week and share some cool things going on within my classroom and personally as a teacher/TPT seller/ and blogger.

So this week we celebrated 
Read Across America Week! 


Lots of books to read and cool snuggly animals to hug while reading. I bought these over the past two years at Kohl's for only $5.00.

iPad Apps
We listened to many books on the iPad! I love how OceanHouse Media has books are fun and interactive! Right now some are on sale for only .99 cents. I use my AppleTv and mirror my iPad to my ActivBoard in the classroom. 


I started teaching how to write an opinion writing piece to my students this week. They love learning about animals and we usually use www.pebblego.com to conduct our research. I needed a graphic organizer to help students think through this process so I created this product. I will say, it really helped them think it through.


Oh The Places I'll Go When I Grow Up Writing
Students enjoyed creating a hot air balloon & writing.
Most of the students in my room want to become soccer stars! 

If Thing One and Thing Two Came to My School Narrative Writing

Read Across America Themed Morning Work
this came in handy since we took our ELA benchmark test this week. We are taking our math next week so this packet is full of review skills to get us ready to do well on the test.

I bought these wipe-off boards at Target for only $1.00 each and I have been waiting to use these. We are working on solving equations and determining if they are true or false. These boards came in handy while trying to solve them.

In honor of Jump Rope for Heart, our school raised over $2, 000.00! We held a pie in the face contest and wow that was fun! 

My Bestie! Lovin Life Teaching! 
She is awesome! 

Our firsties also performed at the PTO meeting and sang many songs dedicated in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. 
* Parents signed a photo release at the beginning of the school year to use student images* 

Well! That's my 5 for Friday! 
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'll be back next Friday with some more. 
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