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Birthday Chart and Job Chart

As you can probably see by now, I love the chevron pattern! 
Black, white and red are my favorite colors too.
Here is a sample placemat that I found at Hobby Lobby. I laminated them and stuck them to the wall. 
I also try to change out the student names seasonly or by theme. It was Read Across America Week in this picture.

I begged and pleaded for this metal organizer! My mom finally caved and gave it to me. This holds all that random paperwork that schools require us to handle: Behavior sheets, emergency folder, extra  sheets that are sent home, notes, etc...

Word Wall and Calendar { I usually do most of my calendar on the ActivBoard}

This is where I keep my centers and activities for the week or two. 
I create center checklist for the students to help self-manage themselves. While the students are working in centers, I am teaching small groups on re-teaching, remediation skills. I also use m small group time to focus on enrichment activities. Since I currently teach first grade, I focus on second grade standards for those who need enrichment. 

I like having something on my right side, since I'm right-handed, to keep my pens, sticky notes, etc.

These metal mesh black organizers were purchased at Staples and they have been a life saver ever since. The investment of $15.00 each was totally worth it. I have 9 sections labeled (Math, Math Task, Reading, Reading Tasks, Writing, Phonics, Science, Social Studies) to hold the printables I will be using. This is such a great way to visually see what you need to get done, or things that you have already copied.  To the far right of the image, I also have a black mesh file-folder organizer. I like to keep my reading fluency, phonics assessments, and any other assessment that takes place more frequently than others.

This is my science word wall. I have posted here some 

In my district we are required to post standards and essential questions for the focus standards for each subject we are teaching. 
Here is what my focus wall looks like. 

I have this product available in my store for purchase.
You can buy this as a bundle today and save money (Reading, ELA and Math Standards for 1st Grade)

My excitement! 
On the left, you see my teacher tool box! I love to stay organized. 
To the right, you see my iPad box. This is the container that houses my 10 student iPads and it charges them all at once.

Leveled Readers

These Monday-Friday boxes were purchased from Lakeshore Learning. 
After I plan for the week, I place all the items for whole group into these boxes. If I don't get to something because some unforeseen event has taken place, I move the time to the next day. I even use the red file-file folders to divide the box into two so I can plan for two weeks at a time.

This chart was purchased from
I have posted students' morning jobs, lunch menu, and lunch choices. Students are responsible for choosing their own lunch each day. At the end of the day, a student has a job of moving the choices back to the top. Any student left at the top indicates that student is absent for the day.
The lunch names in yellow are magnetic as well. I have learned to cover the dry-erase name tag with a label and write with a permanent marker. I tried to write with just a permanent marker at first but the names still would wipe off.

Small Group Table
{Sorry, I was organizing papers at the time I took this photo}
This is where I work most of the day :)

My Reading Nook! 
I love the chevron curtains! I found theses at Walmart.
My books are in book bins and sorted by theme: science, social studies, level 1 readers, fall, summer, etc... I even have those snuggly $5.00 animals from Kohls for students to hug while reading. 
The cushion has also come in handy to create a warm reading center. It is funny because my own son used the cushion more than anyone. We have to be at school at 7:00 a.m. every morning so he likes to lay back down for 20-30 minutes before school actually starts at 7:35 a.m.

This year I decided to make a wall for each subject. This is my math wall. I add math vocabulary as I introduce it to my students. I also have this whole section dedicated to math. If we zoomed out, you would see all the math manipulatives in one area.

This is my computer center. I only have two desk tops, but we now have 10 iPads! 
I mostly have students work on taking Accelerated Reader Comprehension Test, visit websites such as:,,,

Five for Friday Weekly Linky Parties

By: Creatively Crazy With Learning

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1. Data Analysis
Today I spend most my day in data analysis. My students took a 3rd quarter benchmark test in the area of Reading/ELA and Math. I analyzed the data and then we compared kids across to grade level to determine their growth. Looking at growth between quarters is a new thing we started this school year. For those students who fall below the 50% mark, we are tagging them as needing interventions (tutoring, EIP, etc.). This is a great way to provide supports to all levels of learners. I have a great product available in my store for grammar test review! 

2. Daily Timed Test for Math Fluency 
FREE APP (to a point) called Timed Test Free 
Full Version: Time Test Arcade

(Addition and Subtraction)

I have students take their test daily. I have 11 iPads so this usually takes 10 min. I set up the test in the following manner: 
Time: 5 min.  100 problems
Easy Add: 0-10
Hard Add: 0-20

These two require the FULL VERSION APP
Easy Subtraction: 0-10
Hard Subtraction: 0-20

I track the students scores and they can earn a Skittle if they increase their score from the day before. 
I even started having the students track their own scores too.

3. Magnets Lapbook
This is one of my best selling products! I started this project this week with my class and I plan on finishing it next week. You can check it out here: 

4. I Love Technology! 
This is an app called, Number Frames. 
It is also FREE!
Here are some student samples where you can see how we used this app to do the following: 
skip count
add two numbers
add three numbers

Now, I am having the students create samples of them subtracting using this app too. Then we are making short video clips of the student teaching how to accomplish this task. I'll get that video and try to post it on my blog.

5. St. Patrick's Day
We had an awesome time celebrating St. Patrick's Day! 
I read Silly McGilly and Jaime and the Big Potato. The leprechaun came to our classroom and made a huge mess! He messed up our book center and put glitter EVERYWHERE :)
We read close reading passages about leprechauns, made predictions, found the conclusion, sequenced stories and retold stories. In writing we used our own imagination and wrote stories about If a Leprechaun Came to Our School...
You can find this in my packet for sale 

Then I am trying to get my students to bring their stories alive through digital storytelling using the now FREE app, which is awesome because I paid a lot of money for the full version of this app, called Toontastic.

You can get the app here:

Well, That is my Five for Friday! Please stop by each and every Friday to hear about my awesome week in the classroom. 


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