Five for Friday Linky Party March 10, 2017 and Giveaway!

Five for Friday
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March 10, 2017

Awesome Art Supplies & Contest
Thin Stix Review

The Pencil Grip Thin Stix 12 pack of Super Quick Drying Solid Tempera Paints

After receiving these little cuties, I decided to create a fun Spring door display. Here is what I did using the Thin Stixs.

I also wanted my daughter to have some fun so I asked her to make me a sample Easter egg project so I can use it as an example in my classroom in the next few weeks. Here is what she made and WOW!, these Thin Stixs were awesome for adding little details. Did I mention how fast the paint dries too? Well, it dries in less than 90 seconds.

I even had her write her name to see if these Thin Stixs would work better than the fatter ones. I was right, her name turned out great!

Here is the final project. It took her around 5 min. to complete this authentic student-created Easter eggs. I want to thank Thin Stix's for allowing us the chance to play with this great new product. 

Giveaway Time!
Do you like this product? Well, guess what? 
You can have a chance to win your own FREE set.
Here are the rules:
1. Visit my Facebook Page (click on the link below).
2. Like my page and share with a friend; make sure you tag your friend in the share.
3. Answer this question in detail: 
What is your favorite spring activity to teach in the classroom?
I will choose a winner next Friday, March 17th- St. Patrick's Day!!!

St. Patrick's Day Fun Activities
Have you tried my Mentor Text Lesson Plans yet? 
Here is a great one for our upcoming holiday.

Technology Tidbit
I have been using Quizzizz in my classroom to test comprehension. If you have not used it before it is very fun and engaging for students. The best part is the test is automatically graded for you so you get instant results as well as the student. Here are some pictures of my students using this cool testing game-based learning tool. If you are interested, check out this link to their website:

The kids laugh at the silly memes that come with it too.
The memes are customizable or if you don't have time, they have some preset that you can use.

A Freebie for You!

Spring is in the Air 
(at least here in Atlanta)
Well, here are two pictures of the fun things we are doing here in the south. 
Bike Riding

Please check out my TPT store for a Spring Cleaning Sale! 20% off all products on March 10-13th.


Susan K. said...

I've never heard of Kwik Sticks - they would be super fun for the kids during indoor recess. I bet augmented reality is the wave of the future! Happy weekend!

The Corriganite Nation said...

Yay for Fall Break! Sounds like you had a good one.


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