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Celebrations and Getting Ready for the Holidays

Creatively Crazy With Learning is Celebrating and Getting Ready for the Holidays

Milestone Celebrations
I hit my $20,000.00 in earnings milestone on TPT since beginning back in October 2013 so now it's time for a celebration.
I also just hit 900 followers! 
I cannot wait to hit 1,000 so please follow me on TPT and share with a friend if you have not already.
My focus has changed from just supporting first grade to K-2 resources and some 3rd-grade items.

Please note: My name used to be Creatively Crazy in First Grade, but I changed over to 
Creatively Crazy With Learning. 
I am still trying to update my products to reflect my current information.

Here is my TPT Link access my store directly.

Polar Express Items
I am so excited to get back and prepare my classroom for the holidays. My class will be having a Polar Express Party, but before that takes place, I have some great items in my store that can help you teach this along with this great book/movie.

Copy these two pags front:back. Then have students fold into a tri-fold brochure style.
Read the story, watch the movie, or both and then have students interact with the questions and writing prompts. I find my interactive brochures easy to use, especially if you are short on time.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am spending my Thanksgiving break in Panama City Beach, FL.
Although it is not warm enough to jump in the ocean or pool, there are so many great restaurants, shopping, and things to do here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and check back for more. 
I try to post every Friday a.m. with Doodlebug's Teaching for her Five For Friday.

Looking for more? 
Here are my winter products and interactive brochures you can also view.


Five for Friday, November 20, 2015

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Thanks for reading.

Introducing my new Friday Freebie!
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 Friday Freebie Here!
I read this in small groups this week with my class and they loved it!

iPad Fun! 

 Stay tuned for more iPad lesson to come....
The green 3 reminds me of being sick this week. Somehow I caught a viral thing and I have been out of school for two days running a fever, headache, body aches, etc. It has been the worst pain ever. I went to the Dr. and she said that the strep test and flu test came back negative.

Get ready for Thanksgiving! 

Do you want a cute way to teach fractions? 
Check this out.


I will be traveling to this wonderful place on Monday! 
I cannot wait to have a week of fun school and my toes in the sand.


Five for Friday, November 13, 2015

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or my TPT store, here! 
Thanks for reading.

Introducing my new Friday Freebie!
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My First Grade Tribe

Thanksgiving Lunch Celebration and a 20% off Sale over at my TPT store, Nov. 13-16th.
This is me and my daughter, Adrianna. She is in 3rd grade but her teacher let her come eat with me and my tribe for lunch today.
Turkey Day Selfies

We had so much fun making these hats and vest! I also used the scrap from cutting arm holes to make little caves where students could practice drawing symbols on the cave. 
Then students got a chance to write nouns and use commas in a series to list the things they saw inside their cave. I had to make sure they always knew who was in charge, LOL, so I wrote that I was the Chief on the back of my vest.

Wild Turkey Interactive Brochure
Research, Writing, and Technology
This is a great way to teach students how to conduct non-fiction research. I have a subscription to Pebblego.com, but you can also present the facts to your class yourself through other avenues. 

First Grade Friends Forever
First-Grade Feast
This is such a cute book! 
I am going to be reading this in small group reading next week with my firsties.
Here is a quick response to literature page I have created that goes along with this book. I have also included a technology resource you could use once students respond to this book. 
Check it out in my TPT store, next Friday for my Friday Freebie to accompany this book.


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