Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Is In The Air! 

What a great way to ring in the spring season while integrating science, technology, reading, writing, and collaboration. This interactive brochure gives students a fun and interactive way to engage with non-fiction text. You can find this in my TPT store by clicking on this link: 

Do you want to bring some creativity into your classroom?
This is a fun way to do just that. 
Students will learn about the ant life cycle, read non-fiction text, and learn how to use non-fiction text features. This little creativity can be purchased in my TPT store: 

I was asked to contribute to a bundle deal that raises money for Autism Awareness so of course I accepted. If you want to purchase this bundle deal, I have included my Pet Rabbit Interactive Brochure to this cause.
You can donate here: 

Another great way to teach life cycles and non-fiction text features! 
This time it is BEE themed. 

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