Five for Friday

Let me just say, T.G.I.F...Hello Spring Break!

This week has been long, but soooo fun! This also starts our spring break here in Georgia, Woo, Hoo!

Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this Hop!

Directed Drawings! 
My class is loving the directed drawings lately. Here are some samples of the Easter Bunny and cute little chicks. Thank you FirstGradeBlueSkies for sharing these for FREE. 
I paired this activity with my 

Spring and Test Prep Common Core Aligned 

ELA and Math Packet

You can get it here: TPT
I am also proud of how my Firsties are using commas in a series in their writings.

The coloring contest winner! Great job Pressley!

We Are Tweeting About Spring !
Our Cute Chickie Drawings! 
I even held a coloring contest so students would color their best. The winner received a FREE ice-cream from me :)

The winner is in the middle of the top row!
How cute????

Easter/Spring Products

Introducing Dollar Deals!
This is my Easter/Spring Eraser Sort and Graphing Activity. Get it for only $1.00.

Bunny Mallows Marshmallows Fraction Task!

Spring Read and Write the Room Cards with Documentation Sheet
4 Different Word Sorts for Extension of Activity 
1. Long and short vowels
2. Singular and plural noun 
3. Write 10 sentences using your words
4. Syllable Sort
 My students are required to glue the sheet into their interactive reading notebook and then create the sorts.

My Favorite! 

This week we are using A LOT of technology. 
For morning work: Splashmath.com and take a daily Timed Test on the app called, Timed Test FREE
Whole Group Math: Splashmath.com
Small Group Math: I am re-teaching in small group skills students did not do well with from their last benchmark assessment. Then I am using Splashmath.com to reassess on our iPads.

Reading Fluency App
Students can read texts at their own level. It is timed and then students can take comprehension questions.

One of my all time favorites, Hungry Howie Phonics Apps
There are several different skills you can get! (word families, building words and rhyming words, long and short vowels).

1st Grade Phonics App

Happy Easter from my classroom to yours. 
I responded to a followers request to allow Flat Stanley come to my classroom. 
My students are going to have so much fun writing about their week and sharing with this class.  This is such a great way to teach writing to a real audience.

Birthday Treats & Easter
So this week I celebrated my birthday! 
Did you know you can get a FREE drink from Starbucks on your birthday? 
I figured that most people already knew about this. Well, if you didn't know...now you do. All you have to do is sign up with an account and become a GREEN or GOLD member by making purchases throughout the year. I also received so many flowers this year of my birthday. It was so nice to get treats like that.

Sooooooo Pretty! 

So lastly, we celebrated Easter with a fun Easter Egg Hunt. I made these cute little baskets for my Firsties and gave them a great surprise inside little eggs.

My daughter, Adrianna

We saw the Easter Bunny at the Mall! 

I hope you have a fun Easter!


Kelly from Glitter in Third said...

What an adorable chick display! So festive. I am very jealous of how many iPads are in your classroom. We only have on that we unfortunately have to share. But one is better than nothing! Also, gold member at Starbucks is the best. Every 12th drink is free! I only use gift cards I get from my students, and it is such a deal. Happy Friday :-)

Crystal Gillespie said...

I love Starbucks free birthday drink!! It looks like you had tons of Easter fun! Enjoy your Spring Break! I have one more week until mine.

Kidpeople Classroom said...

Seeing the photo of your daughter with the Easter bunny brings back a funny memory- our neighbor owned a store, and a bunny costume. One spring he put it on and hopped around, in and out of sight in his backyard. Our two daughters were equal parts fascinated and terrified as they watched. Even after they realized the joke and got lots of candy, they were wary. My youngest, now an adult, doesn't like costumed characters to this day. See you around. Kathleen
Kidpeople Classroom

Sweet Sweet Primary said...

Your blog is so cute! I We just started doing directed drawings. Yours are so cute! I love the idea of having a coloring contest with it.

Ali said...

I am interested in these apps that you use....Are they free ones? I am really interested in the Reading One...Hungry Howie? Would you recommend it?

Mindy Thomas said...

I want to know what the fluency app is called! I need that!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog

CreativelyCrazy WithLearning said...

The reading fluency app is called: One Minute Reader and it is FREE!!! Up until a point.

CreativelyCrazy WithLearning said...

Hungry Howie apps are free too! There are 2-3 of them.


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