End of the School Year Activities!

End of School Year Luau Themed Activity, Surfboard Glyph, and My Dream Vacation writing planning sheet and paper.

Sample Image Taken at our End of the Year luau Party!

My Dream Vacation Writing Resources

Students can create their own frame to hold their end of the year party picture in!

Summer Freebie!!!!
{Freebie Link}

End of Year Craftivity
Last Take, Movie & Popcorn Party Keepsake
for Students!

This creativity will be great to use on the last day of school. 
Show a movie to your class and provide popcorn. 
While students are watching a movie, take each students' picture. Paste the picture in the middle of the Movie Poster. Students can keep this as a keepsake to remember their school year.
Students can then use the writing page to reflect on what they liked most about their last day of school or even school year. 
This activity can also be done before the last day of school as well.

Check out these cool pictures we took to place inside the picture frames for keepsakes! 
The class and I did some research on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Ca. We went on a virtual field trip using GoogleEarth. It took us to the very from of the Kodak Theatre. This was a really cool experience. Then we found pictures of famous people like Michael Jackson, Shreck, and many other actors, singers, directors, etc. They also had pictures of them with their star for becoming famous. So this sparked an idea! I had
 each student created a silver star using silver glitter and a star template that I drew by hand. Inside the star we drew a circle and the student wrote what they were going to be famous for when they grow up.
Ex: #1 Teacher
I drew a little apple.
Then underneath that, the student drew a symbol to represent what they were going to be famous for.
I had a room mom set-up this background to take pictures of each student and then I printed out copies from CVS. Then we taped the pictures onto the template from my TPT creativity!
My class just loved their last day of school as they were
First Grade Movie Stars!

End of Year Craftivity

Last Take, Movie & Popcorn Party Keepsake
for Students!

Each student took two photos. One standing and then one like this as they imprinted their hands onto their Hollywood star.

{Student Samples}

Keepsakes to Take Home!

Summer Themed End of the School Year 
ELA and Math Packet
Beach Ball Glyph Booklet
Purchase Here! 
Here are some writing resources to help students write about summer or end of the school year ideas.

20 Beautiful Story Starter Cards
Students can choose cards to help them answer (who, what, where, when, why) questions to build a story!

Summer Inspired Math Game & Center

Beach Ball Themed Glyph and Booklet

End of the School Year Apptivity Craft!

This is a fun and engaging book your students can make to recall all the things they learned this school year. Great for end of year writing creativity!


I have pre made title pages for K-5th grade.

There are two pages included with clipart for those who want a quicker project.

I also have a page like the ones before without clipart.

This page is great! You can have your students write about things they learned about this school year. 
There is an option to print each subject area on a page. Students can write 4 things they learned about math, science, social studies, and language arts.

I have included blank pages for other ideas!

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