Five for Friday, May 8, 2015

Five for Friday, May 8, 2015

With Doodle Bugs Teaching

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Time to Celebrate! Testing is Over and.....
Today, May 8th, is my 11 year Wedding Anniversary; Awe :)
May 8, 2004

Happy 10 Years in Jamaica

11 Years! 

Mother's Day is Almost Here! 
I hope you have a great time with your loved ones.
My two cuties! Adrianna (7) and Giovanni (11). 

My daughter is such a little diva. She is the one who inspired me to create this
Mother's Day Tiara and Writing Resource Packet

Check out some other Mother's Day Activities here:

Splash Math
Math and Technology!
This is the last week of the SpringBoard competition. I hope my class wins the grand prize! 

Read about our fun experience here: 

Caterpillars and Butterflies!
App: Insect Lore has a FREE app called 
I also have a great companion packet to go along with your butterfly unit.

Check out the pictures and video I took of our caterpillars as they are transforming into a chrysalis.
My students use Pebblego.com to conduct safe research while using technology. The butterfly interactive brochure download Butterfly Non-Fiction Interactive Brochure Reading, Writing, Research, and Technology can be used to complete this task as well. Students read, write, and use technology to represent their ideas and learning about butterflies. This packet includes resources for butterflies and Monarch Butterflies.

Here you can see the caterpillars eating on the ground, some have crawled up to the top, and three of them are starting to turn into a chrysalis.

Integrating Reading, Writing, Math, and Technology! 
Augmented Reality App that models the life cycle of a butterfly

Another great resource to use for your butterfly study! 
I purchased this app through Ocean House Media- Totally worth the price $

I also use Scholastic News to teach my science and reading this year. 
Here is a sample page about butterflies! As you can see on the left, there are many great resources you can use to teach across the curriculum. 
You can access it online through a computer and tablet. 
The app is called: Classroom Magazines
This is a paid subscription. 

Are you ready for the end of the school year? 
I know I am! 
We have only 2 more weeks= 10 days- That's it! 

Check out some of the fun things I am planning on doing with my Firsties.



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