Assess Me Linky Party Post

I am linking up with the Tattooed Teacher over at 

for some fun! 
Check it out and join the linky party.


Courtney said...

It must totally be a teacher thing! Of all the link-ups I've read so far, we all talk to ourselves :P lol

I LOVE the image of you for your blog design. Who created it for you? I'm getting my blog redone and would love to purchase one for my new look.

Teaching in Paradise

Ms. Pretzel said...

I agree with Courtney! It must be a teacher thing because we have so many things to keep in our heads. Ha! The blog looks great. How did you make the image of yourself in the header? I've seen a lot of people do that and it looks fun.

All the best,
Laura K.
Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs

Rachel Lamb said...

Look at those little anchors and life preservers! How cute are you!! thanks for linking up Julie!

CreativelyCrazy WithLearning said...

I purchased the graphics for my headers but I can't think of the name at this moment. I know it took me a long time to find them. My blog was made by The Cutest Blog on the Block.

I'm glad you all like my anchors and life preservers idea! Thoes are from Kritsa Wallden's TPT store.

I did a Google search on how to do the header thing on my TPT store and it took me many times to get it right.


Lynn (CampingTeacher) said...

I think yours is the first ones I read that said not superstitious like me!


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