Tell All Tuesday Linky Party; July 7, 2015

Tell All Tuesday Linky Party; July 7, 2015

This week we are focusing on our top ten things teaching has taught us. 
Here are my top 10: 
1. Communicate with parents, team mates, administration and any others who collaborate with you.
2. Be Organized
3. Have an Open Mind at ALL TIMES
4. Be Prepared
5. Have Fun! I teach 1st grade so having fun is so important
6. Get to know your students
7. Be creative
8. Be flexible and expect change
9. Everything will not be perfect; don't expect it to be
10. Always push others to be their best; including yourself :-)


meesabelle said...

So many things on your list I'm nodding my head "yes"! Flexible, communication...those are so very important and it's usually learned and not innate. Great post!

First Grade Frame of Mind

Nicole said...

Having fun is so important, as you are right everything is always changing (especially in 1st grade)!!!


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