Five for Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday, July 24, 2015

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How About a Freebie? 

I am going to start this week off with a FREEBIE. 
This is my first attempt at uploading a document to Google Docs, so please leave feedback so I know it works ok. FREEBIE HERE
I give credit to I Teach What is Your Superpower; KJ Fonts, and the idea on Pinterest to use this saying with mints for your parents who attend open house next week.
All I ask is that you follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and/or Bloglovin:
Here are the links;

Back to School 
Today is my official FIRST day back to school. 
In honor of that, I am throwing a 20% off sale over at my TPT store: {Visit My Store Here} Go ahead and pick up your copy of my First Day of School Journal {Click Here}

and Homework Toolbox. 
Get your toolbox supplies here: Click Here
Get your toolbox supplies here: Click Here


Get your toolbox supplies here: Click Here

Social Networking Alert
I've joined Periscope; follow me!
I will be showing you how to set-up you Back to School Toolboxes and go through all of the resources provided in the download. 

Date: July 24th
Time: 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone

Classroom Organization
I wanted to take a picture of my classroom before I started working but unfortunately I left my iPhone and iPad at home. So I only have pictures of these things here: 

Christmas in July! 
Well, I am blessed to say that it started to really feel like Christmas when I received 5 iPads in the mail from the SplashMath Springboard Challenge my class won in the spring.  Then I go to school and I was given a brand new touch-screen laptop- SAY WHAT??? On top of that, the technology department said they replaced the $500.00 bulb on my Activboard. 
I am totally overwhelmed. 

In lieu of technology, check out this awesome technology lesson to do with iPads.

As I have more time, I will be creating more iPad lessons for sale.

Goodbye Summer- Hello Memories
My family and I spent two weeks in Wildwood, NJ. We had such a great time with family and visiting the shore. We literally did not stop for two weeks straight so I am ready to get back to work.

Stay tuned for more about my summer reading; Power Up by Jen Roberts.

Next week, I will share my finished products for Back to School- Stay Tuned....


ES said...

Love the mint idea. I'm so corny-- I love pun gifts like this! I may have to adapt this idea for the gifts for my teammates that I am working on!

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CreativelyCrazy WithLearning said...

That it totally fine! Thanks for reading my blog.
I also just finished my first Periscope where I explain the Back to School Homework Toolbox;


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